BABOR Sensational Eyes Cooling Eye Gel

BABOR Sensational Eyes Cooling Eye Gel

  • $ 59.00

Sensational Eyes Cooling Eye Gel is a light, oil-free eye-gel that combats dryness, swelling, bags and dark circles. Visibly relaxes, refreshes and smooths the over-strained eye region. This eye-gel makes a perfect make-up base. Ideal for glasses and contact lens wearers. Application has a cooling and massage effect when applied to the eye area.

Appropriate for: All skin types, particularly those with dry skin.


  • Reduces the appearance of puffy, swollen, fatigued and dry eye area
  • Reduces swelling, bags and puffiness
  • Visibly refreshes, relaxes and smooths the eye area

WHEN TO APPLY: Morning and/or evening, after cleansing.

WHERE TO APPLY: Apply to the eye area.


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