iS Clinical Cleansing Complex

iS Clinical Cleansing Complex

  • $ 42.00

This clear, light-weight cleansing gel is powerful -- yet gentle enough for hypersensitive skin.

Appropriate for: All skin types and all ages.

PURPOSE: Resurfacing, Anti-Acneic, and Deep Cleansing


  • Deeply cleanses skin and pores without drying
  • Gently resurfaces and removes dead skin cells
  • Helps to control acne
  • Prepares skin for treatment products

WHEN TO APPLY: Morning and evening

WHERE TO APPLY: Apply a dime-sized amount of cleanser to moistened hands. Rub hands together and massage cleanser over face and neck. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. 

Caution: Avoid eye contact. Store in a cool place.

5.6 pH +/-0.5

180 mL / 6 fl.oz.

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