Obagi Hydrate Luxe

Obagi Hydrate Luxe

  • $ 74.00

The Obagi Hydrate Luxe is a long-lasting moisturizer specifically designed for overnight skin renewal. This elegant moisturizer is packed with powerful bio-mimetic peptides, Chronoline and Kollaren, engineered to work while you sleep for ultra-rich moisturization and rejuvenation. With a luxurious, balm-like texture and comforting scent the Hydrate Luxe saturates skin with moisture, softens dry skin and promotes skin radiance.

Appropriate for: All skin types

PURPOSE: Provides overnight, extra-strength moisturization.


  • Locks in moisture for hours on end
  • Skin cells rejuvenate
  • Provides healthier, more hydrated, feeling skin

WHEN TO APPLY: Apply as needed throughout your day.

WHERE TO APPLY: Face and neck

1.7 oz.

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